My Birthday number four

Hello dear friends! I have been away from my blog for a while, but seasons have changed and today I am posting about my 4th birthday party! My Dad made some biscuits for himself for me in my brand new bake-a-bone treat maker. They are just like waffles! My Mom made me a new bow tie – and I am as cute as ever! Over the last year I have grown a white moustache, a little bit of white chin hair, and one white hair above my left eye brow – probably, it is a result of my stressful exciting adventures in my backyard. My Mom is too lazy busy to post about them though. Enjoy my Birthday pictures!




It feels like winter is almost over and spring is coming soon, though it is still cold. This winter is very snowy and cold. Just a few days ago, our water pipes froze and I didn't have a shower for three days. Fortunately, I was very warm under all my blankets. I didn't walk much this winter because the level of the snow is higher then me (scary!) and there are tons of salt everywhere that even my rubber boots don't help with. But when the temperature rose from -20C to -4C, I had a lot of fun in my backyard.

Recently, I discovered icicles - they are better then any toy or even ice cream. We have a lot of them on our roof and sometimes I get one to play with. I try to bring them inside but my Mom is not happy about it.

Below there is a couple of videos about my favorite icicles.

I hope a real spring will arrive this month. Meanwhile I will be preparing for a season change: I will have my annual manicure (obviously I need it). I will keep you posted!


Merry Christmas!

I hope you guys had a wonderful peaceful and joyful Christmas like mine was. Finally, I can reveal my little sweet gift for my Dad – a Japanese hand-painted pottery dachshund wearing a Santa hat. Santa’s hats are  my passion  (you can check my post from last year to confirm that HERE). The eyes of that little cutie are like mine... full of sadness sometimes, but no, I am totally a happy dachshund! I received many gifts this Christmas including toys, liver treats, dried sweet potatoes bites, and... bake-a-bone dog treat maker. My Mom has to figure out some recipes and just to start baking small crunchy bones for me. Yum! But this is for another blog post. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!


DIY Snowman

There was a huge snow storm two days ago in NY state which brought a lot of damage to the region, yet fortunately Toronto was quite unscathed.  I was enjoying the first snow in my back yard and I developed a small easy-peasy tutorial – I hope you will enjoy it! 

P.S. Mom recalls the order of the photos is the opposite of the order of the events.


Celebrating the fall in Toronto

Last gorgeous autumn maple tree leaves! So many different colors, shades, and shapes. They smell differently too:)


trick or treat

It was a cold and rainy Halloween in Toronto but I was warm and full of treats! I liked the Halloween costumes of my little neighbours and I was so proud of my new bow-tie. I  had so much fun with my friends (i.e. my Dad's and Mom's friends)! Thanks for coming!